The NEW Pentecostals of Lewisville - a new strategy for growth.



Click!  That was the last sound any of us heard. The click of the glass door of our church as it closed behind us for the very last time.  It was October 2016 and we had just completed the sale of the beloved building we had called home for nearly 10 years.  For many churches this would have been the sad ending of a very bad chapter in their history.  But for the POL it is a welcomed chance for a brand new start.  Churches, like everything else, follow a predictable life cycle - They begin, they gain momentum and grow, they institutionalize and plateau, they lose sight of purpose and decline and, unless arrested, many of them die. Nearly 4,000 churches close their doors each year never to be re-opened.  New church starts hardly keep pace and the total number of Christian churches decrease incrementally year after year.  The POL had been shackled for years by the debt on our facility. We fell into decline when the mission of the church shifted from saving people to saving a building, from serving people to serving a lender.  Selling a facility is not an easy thing to do, especially considering its legacy to our founder and the families who gave so generously to save the building. Nevertheless, early in 2016 we faced the cold hard truth - buildings don’t serve people, people serve people. So, we sold the building, offloaded the debt and are ready launch The NEW Pentecostals of Lewisville in 2017!


Relaunch.  Our plan is to relaunch the church just as if we were a brand new church plant. Currently our Sunday services are at Huffines Middle School at 1440 N. Valley Parkway in Lewisville and we are in the process of finding permanent meeting space for midweek services. We are starting all over from scratch.  We've scrapped everything we thought we knew and developed a new three-part Stratgic Plan, or Launch Sequences to relaunch our church and grow. God is in this and the future is bright.


Justin and Cari Fisher have been appointed as Campus Pastors serving under our Senior Pastor, Rob McKee.  Under their leadership, the church will focus on perfecting 4 core ministries.  Essentially, we are a new church plant. So, we’ve identified and canceled ministries that do not support our imminent mission to redeem the time and re-start the church.  We will focus on:

  1. CORE 1:  Preaching / Teaching – we will focus on perfecting anointed apostolic style preaching that is faithful to Apostle’s Doctrine and evokes the power of God and demonstration of spiritual gifts. Call us foolish, but we believe that apostolic preaching is still the key to save any that believe. In addition, we will streamline our worship services creating an atmosphere in which God can move freely. Worship services will be vibrantly spiritual in context from start to finish but we will make time to appeal to guests to connect and take next steps with us. 
  2. CORE 2:  Music & worship – We will focus on excellence in music and worship. Our moto will be Excellence in all things and all things to the glory of God. Worship will be characterized by Apostolic style worship set to modern, contemporary worship songs.
  3. CORE 3:  Family programs – We will focus on high quality, high impact family and youth discipleship ministries.  These will involve high-energy, activity intensive children’s and youth classes. There will be something new each week and something BIG each month. We will have weekly teen & young adult small group Bible studies and will be create opportunities for families to come together to serve others and our community allowing them to Give Back just as God gave to us.
  4. CORE 4:  Nurture Ministries – We will develop effective encounters to nurture guests and new disciples and encourage them to return each week and grow with us.  This willl involve creating places for people to serve, on day one, regardless of their level of discipleship. Effective small groups, interest based small group Bible studies, discipleship classes and Big Serve days will create opportunities for people-to-people community ministry. We want people to feel right at home in our family. We are introducing a new service split session schedule beginning Sunday February 5th. Children's & Youth and adult discipleship sessions will begin at 9:45 in their respective sanctuaries. Then, everyone will come together corporately to worship at 10:30. 


Countdown to launch day involves a mass marketing campaign designed to introduce The NEW POL to the unchurched population of Lewisville over 2 years.  Under this plan, we will “re-launch” the church 5 times over the next 24 months. Each re-launch will be around strategic times of year when people are most likely to attend church; Christmas & New Years, Easter and August back-to-school.  Our first Launch Service is Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017.  We will utilize direct mail, digital, social media and nurture marketing methods to extend invitations to an estimated 35,000 people.  If statistics prove true we may expect 100-150 new guests to join us in service.  But that’s the easy part.  The larger question is “What next?”.  It’s one thing to have guests in a service but an entirely different challenge to have them return the next service and ultimately give their lives to God.  For this reason we will develop effective Nurture ministries and return campaigns to circumvent spiritual complacency. We know if they keep coming they will grow in relationship with Christ and others. They just need to keep coming.


As we lift off we will utilize scalable meeting space that can grow as we grow.  The Huffines Middle School on N. Valley Parkway is such a space. This beautifully updated facility is scalable from 50 to 250 by simply adding chairs yet the smaller crowds do not feel engulfed by the space. It also helps keep facility costs down freeing up funds to use for outreach & marketing.  

We are excited about our future and we know God is in it.  There is a place for everyone to be involved and to serve. This is bigger than all of us. It’s our Father’s business and The NEW Pentecostals of Lewisville are committed to be about it.  Join us!     

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